Dance Therapy

Dance Therapy

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Welly Belly is designed for every BODY that likes to move and have fun! This unique dance is taught and practiced right in your chair and is perfect for those with different abilities. Welly Belly will increase your strength, flexibility and leave you feeling energized!

Have fun loving your body, learning the moves and being well.

Welly Belly invites you to explore your inner beauty and give back. Every DVD sold helps someone in need. A portion of the proceeds from this DVD will go to charity.

Benefits of Welly Belly

Welly Belly has many benefits and on multiple levels, physical, mental and sensual. It’s great exercise and it’s really fun to move! You’ll gain vitality, awareness and expression!

Welly Belly Dancing tones, stretches and strengthens; Muscles, neck, wrists, arms, thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks, hips, back and abs.

Physically Welly Belly

  • promotes vitality and energy
  • teaches to isolate and control your muscles
  • easy no physical wear and stress on the body
  • burns calories and helps to control weight
  • promotes good posture
  • increases blood flow and circulation
  • lubricates and loosens joint and spine
  • releases physical stress and tension from the body
  • massages and stimulates the internal organs strengthens the digestive system

Mental Welly Belly

  • will help you connect with the body
  • mind body coordination
  • physical awareness
  • develops right side of the brain
  • relaxes the mind and relieves mental stress

Sensual Welly Belly

  • brings happiness and joy
  • builds self confidence
  • creates natural sense of rhythm
  • express yourself and your sensuality

We have designed many workshops to teach you the moves of Welly Belly, while exercising and having fun. Check out our schedule and stop in for a class or a workshop.

Individual Session ( 1 hr )
*packages are available

You can also invite us to teach Welly Belly to your group or party just send an email to [email protected].