21 day weight loss program

IMG_9161It is understood in Ayurveda that weight gain is due to the combination of an aggravated nervous system and poor digestion. Stress causes the body to produce excessive stress-fighting hormones, which signal it to store fat and crave more sugar. Sugar cravings destabilize the blood sugar, which affects mood, energy, fat metabolism and proper digestion.

To lose weight, we have to teach our bodies to burn fat. Fat is the body’s non-emergency fuel. To balance your weight I Ayurveda, you must understand the three basics of eating: how, when and what to eat. When combined with Ayurvedic’s harmonious and nature-focused lifestyle, your weight loss plan will become your preferred way of life-not another passing diet trend.

In this program you will lose weight and gain optimal health by:

  • understanding your body type
  • learn simple steps to permanent weight loss
  • plan meals according to the seasons
  • eat relaxed, enjoyable meals with no distractions
  • eat three times a day with no snacks
  • consume more fresh seasonal foods
  • eat to ensure optimal digestion and fat metabolism
  • perform 20-minutes everyday yoga for weight loss
  • practice breathing and meditation techniques
  • achieve a complete Ayurveda daily routine IMG_9159