Therapy Sessions


IMG_9160A comprehensive system of knowledge and practice to purify the body from toxins and restore it to balance with natural law.

It is one of the oldest scientific medical systems in the world with a long record of clinical experience to validate it. However it is not only a system of medicine in the conventional sense of curing disease, it is also a way of life that teaches us how to maintain and protect health it shows us how to both cure disease and promote longevity. Ayurveda treats the body as a “whole” – though at the same time viewing the entire system a combination of body, mind and soul therefore it is a truly holistic and integral medical system.

IMG_9162The word ‘Ayu’ means all aspects of life from birth to death. The word ‘Veda’ means knowledge of learning. Thus ‘Ayurveda’ denotes the science by which life, in its totality is understood. It is a science of life that delineates the diet medicines and behavior that are beneficial or harmful for life. It is the world’s oldest existing health care system. It is not just a medicinal approach to health rather it is a complete philosophy of life. Ayurveda originated the very beginning of the cosmic creation.

During our consultation we will determine your individual constitution and constitutional diet consulting will be provided (including Diagnostics and Treatments) (2 hours)