What’s Your Dosha?

What’s your Dosha?

To help determine your constitution, we’ve provided a brief questionnaire below. We recommend printing out the questionnaire and circling the answers with a pen. For each statement listed beneath Vata, Pitta and Kapha, circle the number that most closely indicates how much it applies to you. Then, add up the numbers to get a total score for each dosha.

We recommend first answering the questions in accordance with general trends throughout your life. This will give you a better understanding of your underlying birth constitution, or prakruti. Then answer the questions in accordance with how you look, feel, and behave today. For example, if you’ve slept well throughput your life, but just started having sleeping problems, the second set of answers will reflect this current imbalance, or vikruti. It’s also important to remember that most individuals have one primary dosha, followed by a prominent secondary dosha.

A simple questionnaire will not always capture the full dynamism of the doshas. For this reason, we also recommend consulting a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner.

0-1 Doesn’t apply
2-3 Sometimes applies
4-5 Applies most of the time


Physical Characteristics

  1. I am slender and don’t gain weight easily.
  2. I am taller or shorter than average.
  3. “Thin” describes many of my bodily features (such as my hair, neck, fingers, and lips).
  4. My energy fluctuates and often comes in bursts.
  5. My appetite is variable (i.e., high one day and low the next).
  6. I have a tendency to become bloated, gassy, or constipated.
  7. My skin frequently becomes dry.
  8. I tend to have cold hands and feet.
  9. I am a light sleeper and often have difficulty falling asleep.
  10. I prefer warm, moist weather to cold or dry weather.

Psychological Characteristics

  1. I am creative and imaginative.
  2. I enjoy artistic forms of expression.
  3. My mind is active and often restless.
  4. I learn quickly but also forget quickly.
  5. I become “spaced out” quite easily.
  6. I have a tendency to feel anxious, nervous, and insecure.
  7. I speak quickly and use hand gestures.
  8. I am always on the go.
  9. My lifestyle and daily routine are irregular.
  10. My dreams are active and colorful.


Physical Characteristics

  1. I have a medium build and gain or lose weight easily.
  2. My height is average.
  3. My physical features are sharp or pointed (such as my nose, chin, and teeth
  4. My energy and activity levels are high.
  5. My appetite is strong; I can eat large quantities of food.
  6. My bowel movements are regular; I occasionally have diarrhea.
  7. I perspire quite easily.
  8. My skin is oily and has a reddish tone.
  9. My eyes are penetrating and light in color.
  10. I prefer cooler weather and become irritable in hot weather.

Psychological Characteristics

  1. I am goal oriented and achieve anything to which I put my mind.
  2. I have a good sense of humor.
  3. I have a strong intellect and enjoy learning new things.
  4. I have a natural ability to lead others.
  5. I am a perfectionist.
  6. I tend to become irritable, impatient, and angry.
  7. I am critical of myself and others.
  8. Many people think I’m stubborn.
  9. I become irritable if I skip a meal.
  10. I enjoy competition.


Physical Characteristics

  1. I gain weight easily and lose weight with great difficulty.
  2. I am short and stocky or tall and sturdy.
  3. “Thick” describes many of my bodily features (such as my hair, neck, fingers, and lips).
  4. I have abundant strength and stamina.
  5. My digestion is weak and I often feel heavy after eating
  6. My bowel movements are highly regular.
  7. My skin is smooth and oily and tends to be pale.
  8. I sleep deeply and soundly.
  9. I catch colds quite frequently.
  10. I prefer hot weather over cold or damp weather.

Psychological Characteristics

  1. I have a big heart and prefer to focus on the good in the world.
  2. I am calm in nature and not easily angered.
  3. I prefer a slow, relaxed lifestyle.
  4. I don’t learn as quickly as others, but my long-term memory is excellent.
  5. I become sentimental quite easily; I often think about the past.
  6. I am methodical in my actions.
  7. I am highly protective of myself and family.
  8. I let negative emotions build up rather than addressing them.
  9. I usually let others take the lead.
  10. I am a natural listener and frequently help others with their problems.